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On 14 January 2018 there was a traditional Monopoly Game tournament final in Odessa. Twenty three winners of the previous rounds took the challenge to beat the founder ( #beatthefounder) and gathered at 5 tables.

Vladislav Burda, RedHead  founder, who is  a  big fan of Monopoly Game, participated in the tournament. 

Today there are 30 “Antoshka” schools for future mothers and 3 schools for new mothers in different cities around Ukraine.


For chain store  “Antoshka” the year 2017 was marked with the beginning of cooperation with Hamleys toy store. This British chain was founded in the 18th century, and today it is one of the largest and most successful supermarkets in the world. 

Vladislav Burda, 
President of RedHead Family Corporation

RedHead magazine