offers a highly
environment for kids
and adults alike.

Antoshka is the leader on the
children’s goods market in Ukraine.

The original concept of a children’s shop was unheard of and highly innovative for the Ukrainian market back in 1997. The main goal of the chain’s founders was to provide parents with the widest possible range of goods for the growth, safety and development of their children. In 2005, the chain began developing its entertainment business with the opening of the Mega-Antoshka shopping mall in Odessa by offering additional services and different kinds of amusement for children

This format primarily focuses on creating a playful atmosphere for the whole family and strengthening Antoshka’s status as an expert on all issues related to childhood. The next step in the development of Antoshka’s services was the establishment of an online store in 2013 and the subsequent repositioning of the company’s business into a multi-channel format that can offer the most comfortable shopping process anywhere in the country.



The Antoshka team focuses on integrating game mechanics
into all forms of communication with its customers. 

Since 2015, Antoshka has had
its own game characters called “lumers”
(from the Latin word lux or lumus,
meaning “light”). 

“Lumers” have become the basis
of the modern design concept for Antoshka stores
and set the trajectory for the development
of the chain’s entertainment content
and merchandising.

Leaders of Antoshka

Management of the chain's product range is conducted by category managers. Administrative management is conducted by the directors of the branch retail networks and shop directors.

Thanks to many years of leadership from the close-knit managerial team, Antoshka is in a state of constant development.

  • Vadim Orlov CEO

Top management team

  • Grigory Savelich Commercial Director
  • Ivan Chivkin operations and development director
  • Yelena Bogach head of hr
  • Alexey Kishenko logistics director
  • Aleksandr Markevich it-director
  • Andrey Adamenko marketing director

Directors of branch retail chains

  • Alla Gesal Director of Southern region retail chain
  • Tatyana Povstyanaya director of kiev region retail chain
  • Tatyana Kryuchkova Director of Lvov branch retail chain
  • Denis Kalashnikov Director of eastern region retail chain
  • vetlana Chumakova director of kiev region retail chain

Category managers

  • Dmitrii Kazimir “toys” category manager
  • Zhanna Chitak category manager
  • Yulia Chekhovskaya “services” category manager
  • Anna Muallem “nutrition” category manager
  • Irina Yatsun Head of Pediatric Service