Delivering what
children need most

RedHead's distribution, with a 25% share in the baby food market, is the national leader in this segment.

RedHead also exclusively represents world brands in the categories of toys, baby hygiene, furniture and accessories.

RedHead has held its leading distribution positions on the market for more than 20 years, covering all regions of Ukraine.

  • 25% of the national baby food market
  • 6 870 retail outlets covered by RedHead
  • 30 exclusive children's brands
  • 77 retail chains covered directly
  • 170 sales specialists and merchandisers

Distributed brands

Among the brands which RedHead distributes in Ukraine are famous leading brands in the categories of baby food —  Bebi, Heinz, Hamé, Similac, Nanny, children's toiletries and hygiene products — Bübchen, NUK, Baby-Nova, Avent; toys — Tolo, Hasbro, Playmobil, Siku, Lena; and furniture and prams — Pali, Bébécar, Trama. 

A symbol of the development
of RedHead's distribution since 1995

Strategic partnership with leading companies on the children's market

Representatives of leading brands of children's merchandise regularly conduct training seminars and presentations for RedHead employees. Meetings take place both at the main office and at the branches. Thanks to such interaction it is possible to maintain a high level of expert knowledge on merchandise in each of the subdivisions of RedHead distribution.

Leading companies also invite RedHead sales specialists to the home countries of famous brands for informational visits and training programmes. Being in the country where a brand is manufactured and learning about its history gives one a better understanding of its unique characteristics.

In addition, RedHead's directors and managers visit international events and forums organized by the corporation's partners.

Over the last years, RedHead representatives visited Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Finland, Iceland, and the Dominican Republic on the invitation of Baby-Nova, Hamé, Kolinska (Bebi), Nestlé and Raisio.

RedHead has strong, longstanding relationships with some domestic and foreign companies on the level of the owners. Vladislav Burda's friendships with the owners and CEOs of such companies as Nestlé, Bebi, Hamé, Bübchen, and Pali have become the foundation of strategic partnerships.

Leaders of distribution

Within the structure of the national distribution department are the sales division, the distribution development division, the marketing division and the sales support (financial analysis) division.

In the branches, sales are managed by the regional retail channel managers (General Trade and VIP).

  • Svetlana Evstratova Director of Distribution Department
  • Alexey Kishenko Logistics Director
  • Lyudmila Sapozhnikova CFO
  • Konstantin Dymov Head of IT Department
  • Elena Bogach Head of HR Department
  • Alyona Malaya Head of the e-commerce project development department
  • Sergej Vasilev director of the department of purchasing and promotion of products
  • Yurii Parkhomchuk Deputy Director of Distribution Department for Sales (Centre, South regions)
  • Tatyana Lander Deputy Director of Distribution Department for Sales (East, West regions)
  • Olga Starushhenko Head of Sales Department of the Kiev Retail branch
  • Igor Mikhnenko Head of Sales Department of the Dnipro branch
  • Vladimir Ladubets Head of Sales Department of Lviv Branch
  • Roman Bondar head of sales department of the kiev vip branch
  • Tatiana Ivanenko head of sales department of the kharkov branch
  • Liliya Bogdanova head of sales department of the odessa branch