Creation of RedHead corporation own brands is an appropriate result of the gained experience and expert appraisal of the market of children goods.

Smarty Family is a "smart" family of baby food, which satisfies the highest standards of quality. Under the brand name Smarty Family RedHead Family Corporation runs the whole range of products, which are necessary for the first year of child’s life.

Innovation approach, inherent to RedHead is shown in each category of Smarty Family products. For the first time on Ukrainian market Smarty Family is presenting cereal on the base of natural goat’s milk.

Smarty Family manufacture is placed on the best European enterprises, specialized on production of baby food.

Unique Smarty Family drinking water

Artesian drinking water Smarty Family has a unique natural origin and contains naturally dissolved oxygen.

Thanks to these properties Smarty Family water improves the metabolism and influences active growth of cells in the child’s body, oxygenate the circulatory system of the child, which increases the oxygen feed of tissues of the growing organism.

Drinking water Smarty Family, enriched with naturally dissolved oxygen, strengthens the baby’s immunity, increases his attention and improves digestion.

Smarty Family drinking water is good for babies from the first days of life and does not require boiling.