Message from the Founder

Vladislav Burda, 
President of RedHead Family Corporation

The company Europroduct, now known as RedHead, was born twenty-two years ago, all the way back in October 1994. Over this time, our team has come a long way from a small group of entrepreneurial managers working in a single-room office to a huge team of 2,500 people who currently live and work in numerous cities of Ukraine.

All companies have a certain value. And it can last as long as you need while this value remains clear and important to customers, partners and shareholders. In order to achieve this, you must constantly determine the purpose of your activities for yourself and reinvent the company based on the spirit of the times.

The purpose of our company is to make the process of feeding, raising, educating and developing children clear, interesting and as convenient as possible for parents. For this reason, we are constantly expanding the geographical coverage, range and level of the products and services we offer children, utilizing our distribution system throughout Ukraine, retail chain and fashion boutiques.

What distinguishes our company from others? We have a special corporate culture that is based on continuous training and development. We have predominantly happy people working for us. We aren’t afraid to structure chaos and build an improved management system based on respect and trust. We are one of a few companies in Ukraine that was not afraid of the ownership and management factors inherent in a family business, as expressed in the company’s name: RedHead Family Corporation.

Along with its own commercial activities, our company is the founder of the public organization Family Business Network of Ukraine. Thus, we are required to serve as an example of the proper system used to prepare successors for responsible ownership and an example for how to build a transparent and accountable management system that is capable of identifying all the best people, providing them with the sufficient resources to maximize their abilities and talents, and rewarding them significantly for effective work.

Of course, the management of a family business is always based on certain values – the values of its owners. Our values are stated on this website and we will be very happy to actively cooperate with those who share them.