Commitment to the family
is RedHead's business strategy

Vladislav Burda, RedHead founder, considers that family business is a basis for a long business perspective and the best way to develop relationships in the family. Uniting a family around business interests is the most profitable way to invest your own talent and intelligence.

Vladislav and Tatiana Burda pay great attention to succession and relationships with the children, raising them to be the next generation of business owners. The couple thinks the children can contribute to their family business after they gain some independent experience. The elder sons in Burda’s family start their careers in other companies.

Vladislav Burda is focused on the corporate management of RedHead and on providing a consistent strategy as well as effective integration of the company’s business units. In addition, he engages actively in educational work for the support and development of Ukrainian family business.


Family business

A family business is a business where the family has effective control over the strategic decisions of the business and where the business makes a considerable contribution to the family\'s prosperity, income and identity.

Stable connections, constant growth and long term goals – these are the advantages of a family company which attract employees and partners.

Development is connected to the concept of succession – the transfer of the family\'s main values and the business from generation to generation, from parents to children. That is what provides the identity of a family company.

Global Family
Business Award

RedHead's mission
as a family company

We are striving to become the №1 family corporation in the children's segment and are developing our own distinctive culture. We want to meet all the necessary criteria to receive the Global Family Business Award:

  • uninterrupted succession in the third generation
  • a world-famous brand
  • a positive contribution to society through social entrepreneurship
  • a financially independent, successful family business with a sales volume sufficient to satisfy the criteria for the winner


The organization of management in a family company is a science in itself, as is the participation of spouses or several generations of a family in managing the business.

Many world-famous scholars and specialists on family business are familiar with RedHead, thanks to the public activities of the company's president. The most experienced of them have become mentors to the leadership of RedHead.

  • Joseph Astrachan


    A leading world specialist on family business issues and the resolution of family conflicts in business, creator of a special EMBA course for family business owners.

    Joseph Astrachan is the executive director of the Cox Family Enterprise Center (CFEC) and gives lectures on family business at Kennesaw State University, USA.

    He is also a member of the external Board of Directors of RedHead and of 6 other family companies and publishes the Journal of Family Business Strategy.

  • Hermut Kormann


    Hermut Kormann was involved in technically influenced industrial companies for four decades; two of which as non-family executive in the management of a significant family business (Voith) with 5 billion Euro turnover in 2008.

    He holds professorships at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and at the University Leipzig as an expert in the area of family business management.

  • Orenia Yaffe-Yanai


    A unique specialist in the field of career development diagnostics. Orenia has a doctorate in psychology from London University, as well as a master's degree in clinical psychology from Tel Aviv University.

    Dr. Yanai has been giving consultations to family companies and financial and government organizations in Israel, Jordan, the U.S.A. and several European countries over the course of 30 years.

    Since 2007 Orenia has been a personal a consultant to Vladislav Burda on issues of business management by members of one family.

Uniting family companies

In 2009 Vladislav Burda became the initiator and founder of the Association of Family Business Owners of Ukraine. The Association is the Ukrainian representative of the international organization Family Business Network (FBN), founded in 1990. Over 3 400 family companies from 65 countries participate in FBN.

The mission of Ukrainian family business owners union is to give their companies the tools to manage their businesses and pass them on to the next generation.

Over the first year of its activity, the number of participants in FBN Ukraine reached 12 families. Now Association includes 45 participants. There are owners of enterprises from Odessa, Kiev, Dnepr, Kharkov, Lvov, Cherkassy, Khmelnitskiy and others. Three meetings of the Association are held annually where world specialists on family business are invited to conduct educational programmes. Since 2013 FBN Ukraine has been holding events abroad to get to know business companies culture in Europe.

In 2019, FBN Ukraine celebrated its 10th anniversary and there was held a solemn ceremony of the best family company of the year award - Family Business Awards Ukraine.

The vision of the Association is the unity of three areas: happy families, successful companies and prepared heirs.