Constant self-improvement
is RedHead's creed.

The pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement are the main values the corporation encourages in people. That is what RedHead's leadership provides, regardless of the position a person holds in the company.



The best specialists in business leadership, strategic management, sales service, finance and family business management share their knowledge and experience with those who work at RedHead.
We select consultants with an exceptional reputation and invite them to collaborate with our company.

  • John Ward, a researcher and consultant on strategic management, business leadership and family entrepreneurship — course on leadership in family business for the company president, 2003-2005, 2009
  • Gregory Rayter, president of the consulting company Rayter Inc. (Dallas, USA) — strategic planning session, 2004
  • Vladimir Shubin, author of original methods of personnel development, president of the TCI training company (Moscow, Russia) — the "Leap Forward" programme, 1996; leadership program, 2006
  • Jacques Horovitz, Professor of Service Strategy, Service Marketing and Service Management at IMD (Lausanne, Switzerland) — seminar on service in retail, 2007
  • Orenia Yaffe-Yanai, doctor of psychology from London University, master of clinical psychology from Tel Aviv University, consultant to family companies and financial and government organizations (Israel) — creation of a "family protocol", 2007 ; personal consultations with the family of Vladislav Burda, since 2007
  • Ichak Adizes, consultant on organizational changes, president of the Adizes Institute (Santa Barbara, USA) — seminar with top managers on changing the structure of the company, 2007
  • Sunil Dovedy, programme director of the Adizes Institute in the USA, executive director of Adizes Graduate School — moderation of a corporate syndag, 2011
  • Nebojsa Caric, senior associate specialist in the Adizes methodology (Serbia) — conducted synerteams and sessions for creating a company mission, 2004-2005
  • Zvezdan Horvat, senior associate specialist in the Adizes methodology (Serbia) — conducted synerteams and sessions for creating a company mission, 2004-2005
  • Yagev Ben-Itzhak, founder and CEO of Sustainable Growth, leaser in the field of M&A consulting (Israel), former professional director of the Adizes Institute in the USA — moderation of a corporate syndag, 2006
  • Joseph Astrachan, professor of management and entrepreneurship at KSU, "№1 researcher in the world" on family business (USA) — course in family dynamics as part of the FB EMBA programme, 2009-2011
  • George Manners, professor of finance and management at KSU (USA) — seminar with top managers on the 6 levels of financial knowledge, 2010
  • George Kohlreiser, specialist with 30 years of experience in hostage liberation, professor at IMD (USA) — advanced leadership program for top management in Switzerland, 2011
  • Aleksandr Savkin, director and cofounder of the Coaching Institute (Russia) — organizational development session with the top management team, 2012.

Pursuit to Prime, the award
for "best company" among clients
of the Adizes Institute, 2007

The Adizes Methodology


The Adizes Institute — is an international consulting organization with its headquarters in Santa Barbara, USA; it is one of the ten best consulting companies in the world according to the Leadership Excellence rating.


The methodology's unique set of tools, developed by the Institute's founder, Ichak Adizes, enables an organization to implement changes without destructive conflicts, which guarantees the effectiveness of the implementation of solutions.
The use of the methodology helps one take a company to the Prime stage, become a leader in one's market and maintain one's positions.

In 2004 the RedHead Corporation became the first company in Ukraine to use the Adizes methodology in management processes and business organization.
In 2007 RedHead received the Pursuit to Prime "Best Company of the Year" award for the most successful and consistent implementation of the Adizes methodology among all the Institute's clients.


Now the company actively continues to carry out activities by the Adizes methodology on various levels of management.

Vladislav Burda's diploma
for completing the family company
management course, IMD, 2009

IMD leadership programmes

The International Institute of Management (IMD) was organized in 1990 with the support of Nestlé and is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. The majority of IMD's programmes are directed toward leadership development.

Vladislav Burda and the top managers of RedHead have undergone training in several of the institute's courses, starting in 2003. The company president's first course at IMD was John Ward's programme on managing a family business.

In 2010–2011, four leaders of company areas, along with Vladislav Burda, participated in George Kohlreiser's leadership programme; Dr. Kohlreiser is currently one of IMD's most in-demand professors.

The diploma received by Vladislav Burda
for completing the FB EMBA course
is the first in Ukraine.

EMBA for Families
in Business

The FB EMBA (EMBA for Families in Business) course was created under the auspices of Kennesaw State University, USA

The main emphasis of this programme is the financial education of family business owners and the study of the peculiarities of financial management when preparing a business for transfer to subsequent generations. In addition, this programme provides deep knowledge of the nature of family conflicts and the influence of the family genogram on a family business.

Vladislav Burda took the FB EMBA course in 2009-2011.

A special characteristic of this course is a practical introduction to the companies of the business owners taking the course. Thus, the graduates of the FB EMBA-2011 course visited 12 family companies in six countries over 18 months. Acquaintance with various national and corporate cultures and with families and companies from the inside has laid the foundation for durable relationships between the instructors and all the business owners who participated in the programme.


Vadim Orlov, director of supply chain management at the RedHead Family Corporation, is a first European top manager, that has been accepted to FB EMBA program by the decision of Joseph Astrachan and will graduate in May 2013. RedHead has emphasized its uniqueness once again in the case of Vadim; before this, managers who were not members of an owner’s family could not receive this education.

Internal training

The extensive successful experience of dozens of RedHead professionals is now becoming available to new employees.

The transfer of unique knowledge and involvement in the culture of RedHead Family Corporation are the main tasks of training.

The company has a wide range of training programs. Internal experts provide these training programs. Also, trainers from large consulting companies are often involved. The "Smart Head" information platform contributes to the constant experience exchange, supporting colleagues sharing useful knowledge with the colleagues.

The company is actively introducing online and offline modern methods and formats of education.