Lumers made an event in the central “Antoshka” in Odessa

“Antoshka” new style is related to sweet and funny characters – lumers. The world of fictitious characters is reflected in the store design and lumers themselves become the part of a children’s game.

Lumers derived from Latin “lux”, “lumus” – “light”. If you imagine that light consists of live particles then these particles are lumers. The images of these characters used by “Antoshka” are copies of compound particles of light energy that concentrates around all people and especially children.

Lumers meet customers at the entrance of “Antoshka” in Odessa. The most tangible changes were made inside the children’s trade center on the 3d floor, where the area of children’s fashion is located. The interior design combines quaint and childishly primitive world of Lumers with the corners of famous brands of Pablosky, SilverSun and Blukids.

The bright style of “Antoshka” new characters, comfortable layout of the shoes without boxes and the clothing presentation as a whole “look” as well as designers’ interesting approach in furniture make a brand-new impression of the store.

The children’s fest together with Lumers was held on 12-14 August in “Antoshka”. There were new collections of partners’ brands in the fashion category. The art workshops were organized for girls and boys. There was also a theatre studio to perform a play with Lumers. Parents took part in a gift certificates lottery after they had made a purchase and taken a photo with Instagram frame from “Antoshka”. Photos taken at such events participated in the contest on “Antoshka’s” page in social nets with #wowmegaopen hashtag.

The central “Antoshka” on Grecheskaya Square in Odessa became one more so called “lumerized” store of the chain following “Pechersk” in Kiev (“Antoshka”, 19, Lesya Ukrainka boulevard).

Shopping and entertainment centre “Antoshka”, Grecheskaya Square, Odessa