The Daniel Boutique Chain Team Trains with a Luxury Segment Guru

Jean-Claude Roustant, who has been the director of personnel training for Louis Vuitton for over 10 years, came to Kiev for two days on the invitation of the executives of Daniel. 

The exclusive training with Jean-Claude Roustant 22-23 November was organized by two partner companies: the Daniel chain of boutiques and the Abrikos chain of jewellery salons.

Jean-Claude Roustant is a business consultant for Chanel, Bonpoint, Sofitel, Relais et Chateaux, Maurice Lacroix, and Ebel; a professor in the Luxury MBA programme at ESSEC Business School; a professor in the Luxury Marketing MBA programme at the Institut Superieur de Gestion; a lecturer at European Business School... However, his calling card is his 13-year career as the director of personnel training for Louis Vuitton. The cult status of a brand-name bag which has been causing a furore for the past several decades is in part the achievement of each salesperson who has gone through Jean-Claude Roustant's school.

Jean-Claude Roustant:

"Luxury is ideal. It is either ideal, or it is not luxury. Luxury is different from the routine and everyday. Luxury is not better than something else. Luxury is something special, different..."

Luxury is the sum of ideal personnel and an ideal atmosphere in the shop, which is created by a multitude of ideal, individualized, carefully thought-out details. And it is these strategies and details for creating the "ideal" that Jean-Claude Roustant teaches. His master class offered a structured coaching approach aimed at the personal development of sales associates, and the short training videos with examples of correct and incorrect service in boutiques inspired Daniel executives to create their own training programmes in a similar style.

Coaching and the purposeful increasing of awareness, responsibility and motivation of sales associates in presenting merchandise to the customer and in effective communication with the customer will be the most relevant area of work at Daniel in the coming year.

Two of RedHead's business trainers, Natalia Muravenko and Kristina Yeremenko, also visited the training for the employees of Daniel and Abrikos. Thanks to their participation, the main points of Monsieur Roustant's training will be used in the training programme for all the sales associates of the Daniel chain.