The summarizing meeting: “RedHead is Ukraine!”

On February 26th 2015 the meeting summarizing results of 2013 – 2014 was held at the head office of RedHead Family Corporation in Odessa.

In 2014 Ukraine lived through many perturbations and underwent many changes. Our country has got the new spirit notwithstanding the letdown of economic situation, political instability and vagueness of the future. Those events did not spare RedHead Family Corporation as well. In 2014 the company found itself in the epicenter of the events in several Ukrainian cities simultaneously, lost a flagship boutique “Daniel” in Museynyi lane in Kiev, ceased and then restarted the operation in ATO zone and in invaded Crimea, the team of executives got renewed and the structure of the company changed. In difficult times for a country and business owners and top-managers of companies seriously think over the idea of either to hold a corporate event or to spend the funds on something else?

RedHead are convinced that the greatest value of the company is the employees and their potential. That’s why when Vladislav Burda, the president and founder of RedHead Family Corporation faced the issue if to hold an annual summarizing meeting in 2015, the answer was – definitely yes! It is to rally the team that corporate events are held for, to keep up the corporate spirit in such difficult time, to stimulate the employees to the productive work.

On February 26th 2015 the meeting summarizing results of 2013 – 2014 was held at the head office of RedHead Family Corporation in Odessa. The event was organized in Ukrainian style and the slogan was “RedHead is Ukraine!”.

Ten highest prizes went to the leaders-professionals who showed outstanding results and who performed movement ahead of time with their approaches to solve business issues. The whole company follows these people’s example and their values are embodied by RedHead.

The “masters of success” were awarded – the employees who displayed high results, demonstrated leadership and successful communication skills, implemented changes and innovations, persistently moved to the victory, inspired the people around by positive and drive, took upon themselves roles of coaches and masters of “healthy future”.

Also “the golden fund” of the company was rewarded – the employees who undoubtedly possess big potential, who are not afraid of difficulties and are open to realizing new ambitious plans.

RedHead is proud of those who were with the company not only in 2014 but also for many years before. At the summarizing meeting the awards also went to the employees who went step by step the way of 10 and 15 years long with RedHead. It goes without saying they have already become involved with RedHead and consider the company to be their family.

In conclusion of the celebration the president of RedHead awarded the top-managers team “Dream Team” with honourable diplomas – they were the first to face the uncertainty, they showed the way, believed and gave hope to their teams. All the employees who were awarded at the meeting are the pride of the company, its future and competitive advantage!

The day was full of emotions and impressions. The corporate film about events and results of 2014 drew a good line to what we managed to pass together. Vladislav Burda, the president of RedHead specified the goals waiting for us ahead and thanks to his opening speech the hope for prosperity of Ukraine appeared as well as for attainment of the new development level for the company. Now it is difficult for everybody to face the vague future with optimism but when side by side there are people who inspire by their personal example – one does not care a straw!