Interesting Science in Antoshka

The Museum of Interesting Science branch opened in the trade and entertainment center Antoshka

Educational games and excursions with “miracles” trial which can be explained scientifically are becoming more popular.

The Museum of Interesting Science, opened in 2014 in Odessa, became one of the favorite attractions for children and adults. In August 2015 Valentin Gulevatiy, the head of the entertainment development in the retail chain, initiated the unification of Antoshka and the Museum of Interesting Science in one area. The Museum is renting
some area in the largest store of the chain, in the trade and entertainment center Antoshka (Kharkov), by coincidence,  next to the underground station “Nauchnaya” (“Scientific”).

This exposition offers to try optical illusions, unique engineering devices as well as electric and magnetic forces.