The First Family Chess Tournament Was Held In “Antoshka”

On April 26 trade and entertainment center “Mega-Antoshka” became the place for intellectual competitions for 23 families.

“Antoshka” chain stores organized and held “the First Family Chess Tournament” supported by chess and draught clubs of Odessa region and complex Children and Youth Sports Club on chess and draughts.

The unіque event united young chess players and their parents in the intellectual fight. Grandparents who came to support the participants also joined the competition.

It was a Swiss-system tournament; 23 team participants, 2 competitors from the family. There were 7 rounds and each player had a five-minute game.

Under the tournament results the best chess family in Odessa was awarded and the brightest competitors could show their intelligence in a chess quiz. There were 20 questions on chess history and 14 players were coping with them.

Team participants got gift certificates from Antoshka and all the players and spectators had fun, positive emotions and memorable souvenirs.