Annual meeting in RedHead and the concert of Michael Kazinik

RedHead Family Corporation arranges for its employees and their families the evening with Michael Kazinik.

“...One can listen him endlessly. He treats the usual things in a different way and turns upside down common truths” – this is how Michael Kazinik is represented by the radio station "Orpheus", on which website you can listen his programs about classic music.

Michael Kazinik, the musician, art critic, teacher, writer, member of the International Commission of Art, will give a concert in the great hall of Odessa Regional Philharmonic Theater on February 8th at a private event, organized by RedHead Family Corporation for its employees and partners of the company.

This musical evening, to which is invited the personnel of  RedHead Family Corporation together with their families, will be a company’s present dedicated to the end of the Financial year. An end-of-year review 2012 and the awarding of the best employees from all regional branches of the Corporation, will be held the day before in the central office of RedHead.

RedHead Family Corporation has also invited to the festive evening in Philharmonic Theater its FBN Ukraine partners – owners of the company “Transinvestservice” (TIS) and “MIRS Corporation”, and the employees of these family businesses.

The program “Secret signs of culture” created by Michael Kazinik unveils inner “codes” of classic literature, music and movies works. Comprehension of these codes, in maestro opinion, gives deeper understanding of the modern context, including also business activities.

Inessa Chernjavskaja – the pianist, psychologist and poet will also take part in the concert with Michael Kazinik.