The first official visit to Ukraine of the founder of Atlantic Grupa took place

On 18th-19th of July Ukraine was visited for the first time by Mr. Emil Tedeschi, the owner and CEO of the company Atlantic Grupa (Croatia).

Atlantic Grupa owns Slovenian factories producing baby cereals Bebi, pates Argeta, water Donat. The biggest European distributor of these products is the company RedHead Family Corporation.  Emil Tedeschi came to Odessa to visit personally RedHead, to discuss the possibilities of closer partnership and to speak for the participants of XIII Event of FBN Ukraine, taking place at the same time in Odessa.

Emil Tedeschi is one of the most successful and prosperous Croatian entrepreneurs, who managed to achieve an unprecedented record in crisis years 2010-2012 and increased the turnover of his company by more than 3 times from 250 to 840 mln EUR.

Emil Tedeschi  assisted in joining of the Croatia the European Community, he is an Honorary Consul of Ireland in Croatia, since 2010 – a member of Economic Council by the President of the country.

On 18th of July the meeting with Emil Tedeschi in Redhead office attended chiefs of Distribution direction, Retail and SCM departments at the head of CEO of the company  Vladislav Burda. Emil Tedeschi was accompanied by Vice-president of Atlantic Grupa Srechko Nakich and Brand manager of Bebi on the territory of Russian Federation Anastasia Agapova.

Members of the meeting discussed promotion strategy of the brands Argeta, Donat, Bebi, possibilities for the launch of new product of Atlantic Grupa on Ukrainian market and opportunities for RedHead employees to gain the experience in pharmaceutical  field on the territory of Slovenia.

Emil Tedeschi gave a workshop during the official part of FBN Ukraine event, held in a conference hall of RedHead Family Corporation on 19th of July. Over the years of development Atlantic Grupa has acquired many European companies and Emil Tedeschi has great experience of successful integration of different companies and corporate cultures.  Emil Tedeschi shared this experience and other formulas of the effective management with Ukrainian owners of family businesses.

This intense two-days visit of the owner of one of the biggest companies in former Yugoslavia has led the relationships between Atlantic Grupa and RedHead to a new level of productive cooperation.