New Tolo CEO visited Odessa

The first visit of Roman Yaworsky to Ukraine happened at the end of April. He is СЕО of Deacon & Co Ltd, the part of which is Tolo. RedHead Family Corporation is working together with Tolo around 15 years. The two-day visit of Mr. Yaworsky took place in Odessa and main purpose was to visit RedHead Family Corporation and Antoshka shops.

Roman Yaworsky took key position in Deacon & Co Ltd after the leaving of previous CEO in the beginning of 2012. Mr. Yaworsky is working in Hong Kong for 30 years and for many years was a “right hand” of Tolo founder, Steve Reardon.

Ukraine was included to the travel schedule of new head of Tolo in order to know and understand more about strategic markets.


Roman Yaworsky visited several retail outlets in Odessa with the team of managers from RedHead and Tolo brand manager in European countries. He was able to see how much attention is paid to Tolo brand not only in Antoshka stores but also in shops of our distribution clients.

During the meeting in general office of RedHead Family Corporation was made the presentation of toy department, where were introduced details of current situation and forecast of sales and purchase of Tolo assortment.

Roman Yaworsky is tied with Odessa not only with business interests. His grandfather was born in Odessa and during Second World War moved to Great Britain.

Summarizing the visit to Ukraine Roman Yaworsky wrote: “I was impressed with the level of professionalism of RedHead team, their belief in Tolo brand and how excellent their company present Tolo and another brands in their stores.”