Vladislav Burda became the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia in Ukraine

Status of Honorary Consul of Slovenia received by Vladislav Burda and the opening of the Slovenian Consulate in the Head office of RedHead set a new diplomatic vector in the development of the Corporation.

The activity of Honorary Consul will contribute to the deeper cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia with the region, primarily in the field of trade and tourism. Under the responsibility of the Honorary Consul come search of business partners in Odessa and region, establishment of the contacts with organizations and enterprises of Slovenia, and also activation of mutual exchange in the field of science and culture between Slovenia and Odessa region.

Close business relations between RedHead and Slovenia arose in the beginning of the company’s activity, and today RedHead Family Corporation is in Top-10 major exporters of Slovenian goods (cereals Bebi, pates Argeta, water Donat, juices Frutek, toys Mehano).

Emir Hrkovich, CEO of Russian representative office of Atlantic Grupa and partner of RedHead since 1995, assisted in establishing contacts between RedHead and Slovenian Embassy.

One of the first meetings within the frame work of the Consulate was a reception of Slovenian delegation on July 18-19. Natasha Prah, Chargé d'affaires pro tempore of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Ukraine,  Emil Tedeschi , the owner and CEO of Atlantic Grupa, who owns production facilities in Slovenia, and Srecko Nakich, Vice-President of Atlantic Grupa, visited RedHead office .

During this meeting, together with RedHead team, there were identified new directions of mutual integration between Ukraine and Slovenia.  In addition to development of business cooperation with Slovenian partners and promotion of Slovenian products in Ukraine, the program includes projects related to personnel training and exchange of experience between RedHead and Slovenian companies.