12 highest awards according to results of 2012

The rewards and diplomas were presented to the best employees of the corporation at the traditional annual meeting in the central office of RedHead.

People, who achieved success in key projects for the company, received the highest recognition according to results of 2012 financial year.

Traditional 10 nominees proposed for the highest award were added with one more couple — the award was received by 12 people.


Nickolay Glukhov

Deputy Director of Economy and Finance


For continuous aspiration forward, for high standards, for leadership position, for providing financial stability, effective planning and analysis, for strength, self-mastery and responsibility in managing new and labour-intensive processes, for generation and implementation of ideas. For unique intention to personal and professional development. As well as for high integrity.


Tatyana Alekseyenko

Deputy Finance Director in Accounting


For ability to work in conditions of hard limitations and upon that to reach the aims using creative approaches; for the balance of softness and persistence, and for graceful mastery in negotiations. For ability in any tight schedule, receive a result with spending of minimum resources. For bringing legal components of trade marks’, corporate rights and company’s property to the level closed to ideal. And for contribution into the main project of RedHead accordingly.


Andrey Yelnyakov

Executive director of Dnepropetrovsk branch, Director of the retail chain of South-Eastern region


For the undisputed authority in the team of Eastern region. For leadership position and inspiration of the team to reach high figures. For reaching maximum sales gain in chain (23,6%) in comparison to the previous year and fulfillment of a plan to 98%. And also for unique combination of charisma and charm.


Lubov Mikhailenko

Director of children’s store “Antoshka”


For long-term contribution to the development of Antoshka stores, for unique ability to direct shops to leading positions. For the ability to increase sales ( growth 27%) while reducing the store’s area. For creating cohesive team that achieves high results as well as participates in social activities. And finally for incredible combination of two features: director-leader and director-mentor.


Maria Lobova

Chief of market research and analysis, Distribution Department.


For integration of successful team, involvement and skillful coordination of different divisions and departments, for commitment and dedication to “WIN!” strategy. For the purposeful and faith inspiration, for prosperous launch and promotion of RedHead brand — Smarty Family! For significant contribution to the project of high importance and huge potential.


Alexandr Struck 

Import and export director


For providing the company with strategic product assortment in 2012. For the ability to find the way out in the most complicated and intricate situations in working with customs authorities as well as for persistence and constant activity in organizing the alternative methods of customs clearance of the goods all over Ukraine. For efficiency to defend the interests of the company heroically and achieve the best results.


Larisa Rudeva

Director of children's store “Antoshka”


For leadership in sales growth of Dnipropetrovsk branch, and, in particular, for the largest growth (34%) among the stores of "Antoshka -centre" format. For contribution into leadership according to the figures achieved by the regions. For the unique ability in tutorship and training of managers in Retail department.


Vladimir Vikol

Software engineer


Ludmila Sapozhnikova

Chief of Financial Analysis Department


Reward to the most effective couple of RedHead.

For the unique ability of these two people to build harmonious professional and creative relationships, which can be called family relationship, regardless of the departments in which they work and the projects they are involved into.

For giving care, sensitivity and love to everything. For the unique ability to give birth to children and ideas without interrupting the working process.


Ekaterina Chatskaya

Chief of purchase and supply of garment and footwear lines


For unique combination of charisma and tenderness, for universal love of suppliers to multiple personality. For unconditional authenticity and leadership in “garment” category and for the integration of efforts of Retail department, SCM department and suppliers.

For the excellent ability to take responsible decisions and for the greatest potential in growth among all product categories.


Svetlana Abushaeva

Building Maintenance Engineer


For extraordinary entrepreneurial sense, for incredible combination of external women's fragility   and strong spirit, for the ability to solve problems that seems to be just unmanageable. For the application of years of  experience, gained in the company, to solve  issues  in  the best and most harmonious way. For a significant contribution in implementation of the main RedHead project .


Alina Kritina

Project Manager of Personnel Development


For the recognized contribution in implementation of new technologies in HR, for recruiting and attracting new interesting employees and partners.  For efficient and accurate implementation of KPI among members of Dream Team. And also  for the sincere curiosity, restlessness, huge zest for life and lots of new discoveries! And finally, for the creation and the revival of the concept of Dream Manager in our company!


Larisa Vikhrenko

Financial director


For being the energy center that reflects the very core of the company. For the significance for the Concern, as the Sun for the solar system. For the outstanding combination of performing the duties (i.e., a high efficiency) with femininity.

For protecting of the company’s interests in the unstable situation in different levels and government institutions. For the talent to grant the wishes even before they were formulated.