Ichak Adizes’ workshop was held in Kiev with the participation of the RedHead team

On May 28th Ichak Adizes spoke to 450 business owners and managers at NSC “Olympic”. The program of the presentation contained a joint presentation by Vladislav Burda and Oleg Mykhailenko about the usage of Adizes methodology in family corporations of RedHead and MIRS.

Today Dr. Ichak Adizes takes the 28th place in “100 best consultants in the field of leadership” ranking according to Executive Excellence Journal, and Adizes Institute, the organization created by him, is among the Top-10 consulting companies of the world according to Leadership Excellence Journal ranking.

Ukrainian branch of Adizes Institute and the IdeaFirst company arranged his arrival to Ukraine and meetings with businessmen. The workshop of the modern guru of management was named “Managing changes in the conditions of uncertainty”.

Ichak Adizes told about the consistent patterns of the development of organizations in the context of the occurring social changes and analyzed specific examples from the experience of Ukrainian companies, who were present in the hall.

“If you really manage – make decisions and embed them – it inevitably causes new changes. It will always be in such a way. Problems grow from changes caused by your decisions. And that’s good! Until you have problems, you are alive!” – says Ichak Adizes.

Adizes organizational methodology is used in RedHead from 2004. One of the main points of the methodology is integration based on the mutual respect and confidence of the members of organization.

In his books and speeches Ichack Adizes often comments on the idea of integration: “My methodology aims to ensure that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results. How? By creating a team with other people who will complement you”.

While speaking with Oleg Mykhailenko on the workshop of Ichack Adizes in Kiev Vladislav Burda mentioned the effectiveness of the Adizes system in creating of the “dream team” – a group of leaders who complement each other.

In support of their words the owners of RedHead and MIRS acquainted the audience of the workshop with their teams of Top-managers, who arrived together with them at that unique eventat full strength.

Questions to Vladislav Burda, Oleg Mykhailenko and their teams caused no less lively debates than Dr. Adizes’ speech.

The president of RedHead showed the example of bringing their own know-how to the Adizes methodology – from the creation of mixed formats during the synergetic diagnostics (syndag) of different organizational levels to the usage of control tools of non-financial objectives in specific corporate context: the Orange book drawn up by the RedHead managers is a variation of the classic Black book.

That meeting became the first opportunity for the wide audience to discuss the real experience of the introduction of the methodology to Ukrainian companies with the guru’s direct participation.

On the eve of the workshop Top-managers of all the departments of RedHead gathered in Kiev for the regular POC – organizational  board meeting, which is held monthly according to Adizes organizational methodology.

Ichak Adizes agreed to join the RedHead team at that event. It took him less than an hour to give his recommendations regarding management styles of each Top-manager, to estimate the effectiveness of the whole team and to answer the questions of the POC’s moderator applied to the direct role of the integrator of actions according to Adizes methodology.